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How Much of This $9 Million Opportunity Will You Bank?

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Subscriptions to this service are limited. Perhaps, we've lost our marbles for giving away so much value that others have paid full price!

I know by signing up, I'll give myself an unfair advantage by being the only user of decision trees to create individualised experiences in my market.

I can use LeadsHook for market research, lead generation, sales conversions and even encourage usage after a sale, one of the most underutilised strategies to dramatically increase customer lifetime value.

I want to exploit my first-mover advantage to "manufacture" an individualised lead generation asset for a ridiculously low monthly investment.

Here is a summary of benefits I’ll receive:

1M FREE Impressions (A $970 Value)

I understand you’ll load my account with 1,000,000 FREE impressions (one million).  I have 14 days to use my free impressions. I can use these free impressions in whatever I see fit, including market research, lead generation, sales conversion or post-sale product consumption.

Leads Worth Over $9M

I understand you can’t make any promises or claims… but there are LeadsHook decision trees with conversions rates (opt-ins) at above 60.0%! If my results are half as good, which is a 30% opt-in rate, then I’ll capture about 300,000 leads -- in some markets these leads can be sold for about $30-50 per lead, giving me a gross value of more than $9,000,000.

“Flexx Digital is one of UK’s most profitable lead generation agencies. We use LeadsHook to generate leads by the thousands which we sell for £25-35 per lead.” Dan Wardrope Flexx Digital UK (https://flexxdigital.com)

Any leads I capture are mine to keep, gratis, if I choose not to continue beyond 31 days.

Create UNLIMITED Decision Trees in “Classic” Design or the NEW Chatbot Format

I understand I can create as many decision trees as I want including the new chatbots or classic style.

Deploy the Same Decision Tree On UNLIMITED Domains

I understand I can deploy my decision trees on as many domains as I want including clients’ domains.

UNLIMITED Custom Fields to Create your Lead Gen Machine

I understand I can create my own [‘data-vacuuming-machine’ – find better metaphor?] since you’re removing limitations and now I can create as many custom fields as I want -- means I can also save my leads' responses and as many variations as I want. Now, I can place variations of responses, into my decision trees and dynamically generated lead magnets.

Behaviourally Trigger Autoresponder And Mobile Marketing Campaigns

I understand I’ll be able to form granular market segments because I can add as many tags as I want. I understand I’ll be able to add tags at three different levels in each of my decision trees, at the decision level, at the node level and also at the answer level.

Built-In Lead Distribution (Value $1000/month)

I understand I’ll be able to distribute my leads to as many CRMs and email marketing systems (ESPs) as I want, simultaneously. Deliver leads to clients.

I Have the Need for Speed!

I understand I’ll be able to deliver leads, often within 3 seconds, directly into as many email inboxes as needed (in addition to transferring leads via an API to CRMs and ESPs). I know a sale is a fragile thing and a rapid response dramatically boosts my chances of closing an appointment or deal.

Satisfy My Analytics & Data Cravings

I understand you’ll also gift me a specially prepared battle-tested Google Tag Manager container that automagically melts away Google Analytics cross-domain tracking nightmares! I understand I can merge this with any of my existing containers.

Advanced Micro-Niching to Slash Your Paid Advertising!

I understand I can “fire” events into other systems like Facebook so I can maximise my Return on Ad Spend to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences based on testing numerous appeals.

“Decision” Nodes Makes Jump-Logic Obsolete!

I understand I get unlimited usage of decision nodes (the killer of jump logic!). If ever felt the need to ask Further, I know LeadsHook allows me to express my creativity so I can implement my wildest ideas because I can create as complex a logic as I want including daisy-chaining decision nodes.

“True” Individualized Lead Magnets

I understand I can programmatically create lead magnets with ZERO-CODE finally delivering lead magnets that as unique as the person who goes through the decision tree!

Better than a Mathematics Professor

I understand I have access to a full-fledged mathematics module so I can create and use as many calculations as I want. Further, I can even build and use as many calculators as I want in ONE decision tree!

Make it Drop-Dead Easy to Understand Numbers and Calculations by Displaying them in as a Chart or Graph.

I understand I can turn numbers and calculations into as many charts as I want which I can display anywhere in my decision tree. Further, I understand you’ve also removed any restrictions so I can add as many charts as I want in ONE decision tree.


I understand I can pass as many custom fields as I want via URL parameters from my traffic source to be captured by LeadsHook against each lead. Then I can use this rich set of data to create unique or personalised experiences and unique paths through decision trees I create. Use Data captured

Exploit Your Existing Assets!

Further, I can also add exit URLs (and push out all captured custom fields including data from your calculators via URL parameters) at any point in my decision trees so I can continue to exploit my investments in preexisting landing pages.

Enterprise Level Features and Performance for a Song!

I understand, LeadsHook has been battle-tested for over 18 months, and have been proven to capture over 7000 leads in an hour. I know when my lead gen campaigns take-off, LeadsHook will ensure I exploit and capitalise on those rare opportunities.

Security as tight as Fort Knox protects your Valuable Data!

I understand LeadsHook has browser-to-database encryption to ensure my data is not just protected but almost impossible get hold off because it resides in one of the most advanced data centres on earth.

Further, I understand you've implemented a few different battle-hardened security and intrusion prevention, detection, protection, and reporting measures to protect continuously by my information.

I understand you’ve taken steps to comply with European GDPR Regulations and Australian Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme (and any future regulatory changes).

Unlimited Users: Get the Whole Team Involved

I understand that unlike other apps, you’re removing any restrictions and won’t be charging a single cent more for UNLIMITED users. I look forward to adding my entire team including any outsourced or external resources at their appropriate level of permission to restrict access to my intellectual property and all data captured.

Integrate Unlimited Number of Google Tag Manager Containers

I understand you’re also removing any restrictions so I can assign client or project or campaign-specific tracking including Google Tag Manager containers on a per decision trees basis. This way I only need one LeadsHook account for any clients for whom I’ll create campaigns.

The Most Unique On-Boarding and Training

I understand I’ll be getting the following training programs so I can get my first decision tree live and generating leads:

  • Ride-along 1 Decision Trees
  • How to Get the Most Out of LeadsHook
  • Individualised Marketing -- Using the Full Power of LeadsHook

(and many more courses coming soon)

Leave-No-Issue-Behind Support

I understand you’re obsessive about ensuring no issue is left unanswered and answered completely and thoroughly the first time, so we’re not wasting valuable time going back and forth for a few days before finally resolving the issue.

LeadsHook Pricing Explained

  • Advanced LeadGen with Unmatched Value
  • Currently, we have included almost all of our features at no cost. UNLIMITED USERS, UNLIMITED DECISION TREES, EMBED ON UNLIMITED DOMAINS, UNLIMITED LEADS.
  • Your first billing will be in 14 days from now.
  • Thereafter, you will get billed MONTHLY in ADVANCE at the LOWEST PRICING TIER. At the END of 30-day PERIOD, we'll invoice you for any overage from the previous month and bill you for the next month
  • Over 500,000 impressions, you'll be billed at a rate of $0.001 per impression. So 520,000 impressions will be billed at $520


0 - 100001 Impressions

USD 99   / mo


100001 - 250001 Impressions

USD 249   / mo


250001 - 500000 Impressions

USD 499   / mo


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